ThaLiveKing ‘Steven’ talks about creating content, the NBALIVE community, and much more!

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CG: When did you “fall in love” with gaming?

Steven: I’ve always been a gamer growing up, so I really couldn’t tell you when I fell in love with gaming, but the only time I remember where I loved playing games was during the N64 days. Mario64, Mario Kart, Golden Eye. I think that’s when I truly started to love gaming. I always played sports games versus family members because we were competitive in that nature but N64 brought us all together which led to some great family moments.

CG: When did you know you wanted to be a content creator?

Steven: I never thought about being a content creator at first. When I first started I was having a lot of clutch games in NBA Live 08 and thought to myself, how can I create highlight videos so people can see them? I just wanted to chop up game play videos and add music to them, I never thought about creating a brand or money, it was a hobby. Some of those videos were getting a ton of views and people were loving them so I just kept making them. I started making NBA Live trailers in NBA live 14 when I seen a guy named Shady doing them for 2K, so I challenged myself to do those for Live. I got better since and the quality got better as the game progressed.

CG: What do you think makes the NBA LIVE community so special?

Steven: They keep it about the game, it’s always about the progression of the game. We can agree or disagree on topics, but it’s always about, how can we improve the game with what they give us and what do we think they should do to improve in the future.

CG: How do you feel about the future of the NBA LIVE series?

Steven: Game play wise, I feel NBA Live 18 is the best game play we’ve gotten from the series, but they can improve things to get to FIFA’s level. FIFA, to me when it comes to EA SPORTS game play is the standard. But what I like about NBA Live you can dictate your style of play. About the future of the series I think its bright. For the first time in a long time you have people checking for NBA live and looking forward to what EA will bring for Live 19, they just have to capitalize and get people to buy.

CG: What is your favorite thing about creating content?

Steven: Everything I do is never forced so when I’m putting it all together I’m just having fun with it. It was a process to get to that level because creating content can be stressful but once you figure out a thought process and a way of executing it just becomes clockwork. When I post a video and people say they love it or make a spotlight of so and so, it’s motivating to keep making more. I want to be the guy that when you come to my channel you can watch my game play videos like you watch real games.

CG: Do you prefer YouTube or Twitch for sharing your content and why?

Steven: I’m mainly on YouTube, I have a twitch account, but I’ve never been much of a streamer we’ll see if that changes for Live 19. I don’t mind streaming when I’m playing TitanFall but interacting with fans and gaming at the same time for me is hard to do, it really takes skill.

CG: How does it feel to become an EA GC

Steven: I’ve been a game changer for over a year now, and I love it. When EA invited me to EA Play last year I was speechless. I got to meet creators from all over the globe and got to see what direction the company is going with their GC program. When I started my YouTube account I never thought this would be something I’d be doing for this long or even being partnered with one of the biggest companies in the world.

CG: When did you know you wanted to be an EA GC

Steven: I never asked or campaigned to be a game changer, it was an opportunity that was offered to me and I wasn’t passing it up. I met some game changers years ago during my time as an NBA Live 13 advisory council member and kind of got a taste of what it was like to be a game changer. Going to the studio and heavily testing the game before launch you see how much work that goes into game development, it was a real learning experience.

CG: How does it feel to have a voice in the community?

Steven: Feels great, not only have I been doing this online on my own platforms, but I’ve been a member of the NLSC for a long time helping contribute to NBA Live wish lists and the on-going discussions within the forums, so I’ve been down for years.

CG:  If you could give one important piece of advice to any creator what advice would you give them

Steven: Find your niche and let that be the reason you grow. Your niche is the foundation. If/when all things fail after that, you can always go back to what made you love doing what you do in the first place.

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